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Since the 14th May 2018, we started conducting English language proficiency placement tests on young learners from various Children's Homes. Young students who wished to receive free one-to-one lessons, provided by qualified English language teachers  - then matching them with sponsors and teachers.


To-date, we have processed over 100+ students through the placement test system and are now providing them with totally free education. This has allowed the EWF Volunteer Teachers to quickly identify areas to target, enabling a more rapid improvement to the student's English proficiency level.

This successful model is allowing us to provide free education to other regions and countries, such as Bali, Indonesia, where there is an enormous need for social and educational support.

If you wish to adopt the Academic Development of one of our children, please contact us at -


These are real children in need of real help, today!

Teachers interested in teaching these online lessons should contact

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