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For only $3 - $15 per month, you can help change children’s lives forever across Asia through the work of EWF Global. Sponsorship is a personally rewarding journey you can experience by being a source of  encouragement to impoverished

children who only wish for a fair opportunity of a prosperous future.

In this section we guide you through our current and various appeals. EWF is solely funded by kind-hearted supporters, volunteers, and donations that assist in providing all our free programmes to impoverished children. Click on the 'Donate' buttons and feel free to include which appeal you wish to support.

'Hardware & Resources' appeal

EWFs main focus is on providing free education and support to underprivileged & impoverished children (or students of all ages). We do not discriminate between age, race, religion, gender or colour. They just have to want to help themselves and have a desire to learn. Learning means they can one day escape the cycle of poverty by improving themselves and securing well paid work in the future. Educational hardware & resources are vital in facilitating effective and dynamic classes.

'#Just1Cup' appeal

EWFs other focus is on providing Humanitarian Aid & Support to impoverished children at various Children's Homes we provide educational services to. #Just1Cup of your favourite coffee or tea can support an entire Children's Home with food & water for a whole MONTH! 

Calculations show that by giving up just one of your cups of coffee, once a month, collectively ensures children from the many Children's Homes in Thailand and Bali can Feed themselves for a whole month. Yes, as little as a cafe bought coffee. We are not talking a Starbucks coffee, just a regular $1 cup of regular filter coffee.

'Fruit & Veg' appeal

The extraordinarily harsh rainy season here this year in Thailand destroyed a lot of the Children's Home home-grown crops and that has meant they have to order more from outside sources. Sadly, due to lack of funds, they have been unable to keep up with payments for some 4 months now. The outstanding bill has now reached ฿85,000 (Thai Baht - about $2,600).

The average weekly cost of fresh produce comes to ฿4,000 (Thai Baht - about $120) per week.

We are asking for anyone willing, or a business/organisation, to find it in their heart to donate money, so we may pay off their outstanding debt and keep them in fresh fruit & veg until they get back on their feet again.

How do I join as a monthly sponsor?

A monthly donation debit can be setup in 2-3 minutes. It is safe, secure and reliable. It can also be amended or cancelled at any time with two simple clicks of the mouse.

Everything we do is Thanks to You!

Thank you so much for your support.

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