Our Mission

  • To reach everyone, everywhere, every time. 


  • To provide computer and web camera systems to underprivileged students, schools, and communities so that we may deliver FREE classes. 


  • To supply top class English speaking teachers to teach directly or online, to underprivileged schools and regions, in developing countries. 


  • To teach group lessons to students who want to learn, but cannot afford it. 


  • To expand and teach many subjects, in English. - e.g. Maths and Science.


  • To make learning both fun and educational.


Having English as a second language can mean the difference of Breaking the cycle of poverty, or not. Students who score high enough in English can go on to University, and this improves the lives of their family and themselves.


Achieving each part of our goals are thanks to you for your help, volunteer EWF teachers, and the very appreciated donations.

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