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Fundraising to buy an Epson LCD Projector

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

We are desperately seeking donations to buy an Epson LCD projector. A mid-range projector costs about 14,000 baht (about £320 / $445) and would be extremely beneficial to providing fun and interactive lessons to the students at the Children's Home school.

A special thanks to DeLisa Smith, Frazer Hainsworth, Jetsada Maliwong, and Charlie Brown, who have given donations so far. We already have some limited resources, a usable laptop, and camera equipment (allowing us to vlog and update our sponsor with the progress of the entire project).

EWF Global is starting it's first major humanitarian and educational project on the 15th May 2018. We are sending a volunteer teacher to the borders of Burma and Thailand to assist a Children's Home and their school. They will help provide vital classes to approximately 140 students of various ages and levels.

The initial aim is to send the teacher there for a minimum period of 6 months - from May 2018. How much sponsorship we can raise will decide if they can remain there for 12 months plus. Obviously, the longer the better to provide effective aid and the educational needs to the students.

If you would like to donate towards purchasing the projector, you can use a number of options.

Our preferred method (because there are minimal deductions by the handling agents - i.e. Patreon) is direct to our email address, via PayPal -

Another option is a monthly pledge to EWF Global via our Patreon page -

We cannot stress enough that ever little bit will contribute to the success of this humanitarian project. Just $1 / £1 / or 50฿ helps. If you have no money, then you could also help us raise awareness and assist in fundraising by sharing this with everyone you can think of.

Thank you in advance for your valued assistance.


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