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Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Humanitarian & Educational Project 2018

We are over the moon with all the help and support we received in achieving Goal #1 - Fundraising for an Epson LCD Projector to send with the teacher to the Children's Home on the borders of Thailand and Burma.

Goal #2 is to sustain the teacher there long term. Consistency is vital for the long term progress and success of the children mastering English, Maths and Science.

Goal #3 is to set up a computer room to provide the children online one-to-one English Proficiency classes with qualified and trained volunteer teachers. This will help the students sustain and practice the language they have learned from their onsite teachers, and those at their state school.

When we are happy that this project is going well, we will take on a second project - we already have another Children's Home in mind. The current project will help us learn from the experience and make the second, third, and forth projects more streamlined.

Our aim is to make a difference - long term. Help the students to one day help themselves.

If you too would like to make a difference, you can use a number of options.

Patreon Crowdfunding Campaign - PayPal direct donation - Our website -

You can like, follow, subscribe and share our Posts and Social Media sites. It all helps towards raising awareness.

Thank you!


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