EWF Global was the original idea of a teacher from the UK, who was working in Bangkok, Thailand, as an English teacher. He wanted to help children and students who couldn’t afford special programme classes or extra curriculum courses, to receive the tuition they needed to break the cycle of poverty. This inspired concept turned into Educating the World for Free, and the ‘Global’ being that location should never be an issue - hence EWF Global.

Approximately 100 English language teachers working throughout Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, and China), came together as a combined effort to start the EWF Global initiative. They raised funds to buy and install resources capable of providing English proficiency classes, both directly in the classroom and online.

EWF Global now reaches across the globe and teaching volunteers come from all walks of life - online, high schools, primary schools, infant schools, colleges, faculties of education and University professors. These teachers originate from the UK, South Africa, Europe, Iran, the USA, Morocco, Turkey, India, Cameroon, and Poland. There are also approximately 700 people and educationalists following their various social media sites.

Their goals include - to provide students and schools in need with technology, facilities, resources, teachers, and internet connections - allowing them to learn English, Science, and Maths, totally FREE!


​If you speak to any organisation that helps the needy, you will hear the same thing, "There is a vast amount of evidence supporting the fact that English proficiency skills vastly enrich and improve the quality of family lives in developing countries."

"If I give you money, you will spend it in seconds. If I give you an education, you will spend it wisely throughout your entire life."

- Mark Coles, EWF Global

Administrative deductions are currently 0% as all volunteers kindly pay for their own incurred expenses. Day-to-day on-site costs are mostly met by the founder.

Dated: 20th January, 2019

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